Why the Cleveland Browns Will Go 0-16 This Year

The Cleveland Browns have been one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL for quite some time. It is difficult to recall the days of Earnest Byner, Bernie Kosar and farther back to Jim Brown. The Browns were once one of the proudest franchises in football, but their move to Baltimore, rebirth as an expansion team and lack of quality quarterback play have caused a steep decline. This article explains why the Browns will go 0-16. They have talent, but they are not prepared to win in the modern NFL.

#1: The Franchise Expanded Improperly

The Browns became an expansion team in 1999, and they drafted Tim Couch number one overall. The team set a trend by drafting a quarterback who would not pan out, and they have done so several times since. They have not had steady quarterback play other than Derek Anderson and Brian Hoyer. These two men were quite good, but the team got tired of them because they wanted more. The greed of the Cleveland Browns has cost them consistent quarterback play which they had in their back pocket twice in the last 17 years.

#2: Their Culture Is Poor

The culture of the Browns screams losing. They make every play as if they do not want to lose games, and they lose games more often than not because they are afraid. The fear of losing has become such a rope around their neck that the team may never improve because of unmitigated fear. The reporters and fans in the city are waiting for the team to ruin their next great chance, and they will continue to perpetuate the curse as long as it is embedded in the community.

#3: Firing Romeo Crennel

Firing Romeo Crennel was the worst decision the team has made since they opened their doors in Cleveland again. He once had the team at 10-6 and in the playoffs. He pushed the Browns to the edge of the playoffs and only missed out because the conference was so strong. He was fired because the Browns were greedy, and they did not consider they had no replacement. The team has not been consistently coached since, and players are tuning out because the culture outshines the coaching.

#4: Drafting

The Browns are so bad at drafting that their two best players are a receiver they took in the first round who will likely be out of football soon and a quarterback turned receiver. Terrelle Pryor is on the verge of superstardom, and he will likely go to another team to get paid in a few years. The Browns will lose out because no one would sign a long-term deal with them knowing there is no quarterback in the pipeline. Alex Mack left for the Falcons because he was tired of playing for a bad team, and their star left tackle is beat up because the rest of the team is so bad. The lack of depth is killing the team from the inside out.

#5: The Curse Of Cleveland

The curse of Cleveland was broken by LeBron James, but it must be noted the Browns have not been to the Super Bowl. They have not had an opportunity to break the curse themselves at any time, and they will not get back there any time soon. They are so far behind the rest of the league that they will remain stuck for some time.

The Browns are a terrible team, and they will finish 0-16 because they have created a bad culture. They do not create winning situations, and they reap the ill-gotten rewards of greed.

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Why the Browns, Jaguars, and Titans Can’t Stop Being Terrible

There are three teams that simply can not buy a win in the NFL. These teams are the Tennessee Titans,  Cleveland Browns, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. It seems that they simply can not win no matter what they do. Of the three of them, Tennessee, has the best record among them. Cleveland has the worst record at 0-11. many think that the Browns will actually go defeated without a single win. What is it about these teams that makes them so terrible? Is there any hope in them saving their record next season? No matter what it is that has got them to this point, there has to be something done to stop the bleeding and at least give them a fighting chance at being successful.

Cleveland Browns
This is one of the worst teams in the NFL at the moment. With a record of 0-11, the Browns are not able to get a win regardless of what they do. The season has been a tough one for the Browns and the rest of the season does not seem to be any easier for the Browns. This upcoming week, the Browns will be victims of the New York Giants. This is one of the teams that the Browns had hoped that they would be able to beat when they first entered the season. The simple fact of the matter is that the Giants are more of a threat to the Browns than what the team thought they were going to be. This in turn along with them having games against the Bengals, Bills, Chargers and Steelers means that it is possible that the team may go 0-16 this season. The biggest area of concern for the team this year is at the QB position as it seems to be a lost cause in getting a QB that can actually complete a pass and succeed. Until this is addressed, then maybe the Browns will want to call Johnny Manzel back and give him another shot as this QB position is not working for them.

Jacksonville Jaguars
There is no doubt that the Jaguars are having some serious issues this season. At a record of 2-8 the Jaguars are just a little out of sorts this season. The issues are numerous as the team is having issues on both sides of the ball and simply can not get going no matter how hard they try. The season has been difficult for the Jaguars and it will be no easier for the team the rest of the way. The best news that they can hope for is getting a victory against the Titans. There are so many holes in the Jaguars game plan that it looks like it is riddled with bullets. The best thing that the Jaguars can do is simply lay down and just let the rest of the teams roll over them and pick up the pieces and try next year.

Tennessee Titans
Here is a team that among the three has the best chance of having a decent season. The 5-6 team has had some success and some failure. The team has been successful at times when it was needed. The problem has been that at other times the team has not had the kind of success that they really were hoping for. Marcus Mariota has been a big part of the success that the Titans have experienced. The rest of the season that is in front of the team gives them the chance to get a victory when they play the Jaguars later this season.

These three teams will need to regroup and try to see what they need to do to get it together. For some like the Browns, the end of the season can’t come soon enough. For the Titans, they still have the chance to win enough games to make a long shot into the playoffs.

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Stats on Recent Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks

The tale of the Cleveland Browns QB situation is one that is interesting to say the least. There have been a number of these QB’s to pass through the city of Cleveland. Some of these have been experts that in passing the ball down the field or running the ball when it is needed. While others of these have burned out like a bad bottle rocket. We are going to look at a few of these over the last few years and see what type of impact that they have had on the Cleveland Browns.

Colt McCoy
This is the man that got his fame not for the spectacular pass he made down the field, but instead for the vicious hit that he took from James Harrison. When this hit took place, many thought that it was not that bad, but since then, Colt McCoy was never the same again. In his career with the team, he scored with 21 touchdowns and 20 picks. This was not the best stats that a QB would like to see, but nonetheless, it is what he will be known for.

Jake Delhomme
This was a very fast turn for Jake in Cleveland. Unfortunately by the time that he managed to get to the Browns, he was damaged goods and was very much ineffective. Four starts is all he managed to get and in that time and scored two touchdowns and four interceptions. It did not take long for the coach to send him on his way.

Senaca Wallace
He was better known for his receiving stats but when he managed to actually pass the ball, he was about as average as you would expect him to be. He managed to score six touchdowns and four interceptions.

Brandon Weeden
23 touchdowns and 26 interceptions are the stats that Weeden will be known for during his time with the Browns. He was not the best quarterback that came through Cleveland, but he would go down as the oldest QB. No doubt that he had more luck than he did skill.

Thad Lewis
Lewis had one of the fastest times with the Browns as he only stuck around for one game and scored one touchdown and one interception. This was one of the fastest stops that a QB has had with the Browns.

Jason Campbell
Campbell did well as a backup QB. That was a big disappointment to the fans of the Browns as they really had hoped that Campbell would rise up to be more than a simple backup. In his time as a backup, he managed to throw 11 touchdowns and only managed to get picked off 8 times. In his eight starts, he had a passer rating of 77%

Brian Hoyer
This is one of those players that a lot of people wanted to either see on the field or wanted to see him sitting while “Johnny Football” take the field. Nonetheless he still was the starter for all of 2014 and managed to score 17 touchdowns as well as 16 interceptions.

Johnny Maziel
This is one of the biggest names that ever came through the Cleveland area. That was as good as the news got as his starts did not lead to any passing touchdowns and only one rushing touchdown. He also managed to get a total of a 42 passer rating, one of the lowest a QB for Cleveland has ever had.

Connor Shaw
This is the most recent hope that the Browns has put their faith into. The results so far have not been as good as the team had hoped that they would be.

These are some of the latest names that have worked hard to make the Browns a good team in the NFL. The bad news is that these players can only do so much. Maybe one day a player will arrive that will be able to boost the Browns into a run at being a viable football team.

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Cleveland Browns vs Philadelphia Eagles Vegas Odds Preview

Football is back with several interesting matchups in Week One. One of note is the Cleveland Browns traveling to the Philadelphia Eagles. The line is presently Cleveland plus four with an over / under of 41. The over / under is telling in part that both teams will be starting quarterbacks that did not throw a pass in the 2015 season. First, the Browns will be rolling out Robert Griffin III who will be throwing to two wide receivers who have amassed a total of two career receptions in Terrelle Pryor and rookie Corey Coleman. Head Coach Hue Jackson, most recently the Offensive Coordinator with Cincinnati, will be charged with trying to keep Griffin III healthy. Expect a heavy dose of Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson to gain an advantage in time of possession in order to keep a poorest Cleveland defense off of the field.

The Cleveland defense ranked 30th against the pass in 2015. My expectation is more of the same since many of their top defenders have been jettisoned off of the team such as Karlos Dansby and Donte Whitner. The youth movement is alive and well in Cleveland as 13 out of their 14 draft picks have made the roster. Help is on the way as Josh Gordon will be made available once Week Five arrives, yet the Browns will have to make due until the New England Patriots come calling on October 9th.

The Philadelphia Eagles have rid of up tempo offense that Chip Kelly prescribed to and have turned over the reins to former Kansas City Chiefs Offense Coordinator Doug Peterson. He inherits a strong offensive line which will assist in bringing along a first year quarterback. The defense had its challenges and is led by Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz. In 2015, the defense ranked 28th in passing and 33rd in rushing. Expect a strong start by Schwartz’s defense in Week One as Cleveland tries to come to grips with a Hue Jackson style offense.

One delicious nugget to this match-up is that Cleveland traded their second overall pick of the NFL draft with Philadelphia, who in turn selected former North Dakota State standout Carson Wentz. Wentz had a short preseason due to a rib injury, yet with the exodus of Sam Bradford to Minnesota, he has been thrown in as the starter. Expect a lot of opportunities to improve, yet Doug Peterson will put him in a position to succeed, namely by ratcheting up the running game with Ryan Mathews. Wentz will have his hands full with a wide receiver core that is less than stellar including Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, and Dorial Green-Beckham.

Expect the Philadelphia Eagles to run the ball down the throat of Cleveland who ranked 31st in run defense, and as noted previously, lost many veterans defenders. Both teams have challenging starts to the season. Cleveland opens up on the road in three of their first four contests. Philadelphia will be on the road for six of their first ten games. Fully expect Carson Wentz to give his best effort in an attempt to make Cleveland pay for bypassing him in the first round of the NFL draft. Both coaches have their hands full to mold their teams into at least five hundred ball clubs in 2016. I expect a low scoring 23 to 10 victory for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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