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Why the Cleveland Browns Will Go 0-16 This Year

The Cleveland Browns have been one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL for quite some time. It is difficult to recall the days of Earnest Byner, Bernie Kosar and farther back to Jim Brown. The Browns were once one of the proudest franchises in football, but their move to Baltimore, rebirth as an expansion team and lack of quality quarterback play have caused a steep decline. This article explains why the Browns will go 0-16. They have talent, but they are not prepared to win in the modern NFL.

#1: The Franchise Expanded Improperly

The Browns became an expansion team in 1999, and they drafted Tim Couch number one overall. The team set a trend by drafting a quarterback who would not pan out, and they have done so several times since. They have not had steady quarterback play other than Derek Anderson and Brian Hoyer. These two men were quite good, but the team got tired of them because they wanted more. The greed of the Cleveland Browns has cost them consistent quarterback play which they had in their back pocket twice in the last 17 years.

#2: Their Culture Is Poor

The culture of the Browns screams losing. They make every play as if they do not want to lose games, and they lose games more often than not because they are afraid. The fear of losing has become such a rope around their neck that the team may never improve because of unmitigated fear. The reporters and fans in the city are waiting for the team to ruin their next great chance, and they will continue to perpetuate the curse as long as it is embedded in the community.

#3: Firing Romeo Crennel

Firing Romeo Crennel was the worst decision the team has made since they opened their doors in Cleveland again. He once had the team at 10-6 and in the playoffs. He pushed the Browns to the edge of the playoffs and only missed out because the conference was so strong. He was fired because the Browns were greedy, and they did not consider they had no replacement. The team has not been consistently coached since, and players are tuning out because the culture outshines the coaching.

#4: Drafting

The Browns are so bad at drafting that their two best players are a receiver they took in the first round who will likely be out of football soon and a quarterback turned receiver. Terrelle Pryor is on the verge of superstardom, and he will likely go to another team to get paid in a few years. The Browns will lose out because no one would sign a long-term deal with them knowing there is no quarterback in the pipeline. Alex Mack left for the Falcons because he was tired of playing for a bad team, and their star left tackle is beat up because the rest of the team is so bad. The lack of depth is killing the team from the inside out.

#5: The Curse Of Cleveland

The curse of Cleveland was broken by LeBron James, but it must be noted the Browns have not been to the Super Bowl. They have not had an opportunity to break the curse themselves at any time, and they will not get back there any time soon. They are so far behind the rest of the league that they will remain stuck for some time.

The Browns are a terrible team, and they will finish 0-16 because they have created a bad culture. They do not create winning situations, and they reap the ill-gotten rewards of greed.

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