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Stats on Recent Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks

The tale of the Cleveland Browns QB situation is one that is interesting to say the least. There have been a number of these QB’s to pass through the city of Cleveland. Some of these have been experts that in passing the ball down the field or running the ball when it is needed. While others of these have burned out like a bad bottle rocket. We are going to look at a few of these over the last few years and see what type of impact that they have had on the Cleveland Browns.

Colt McCoy
This is the man that got his fame not for the spectacular pass he made down the field, but instead for the vicious hit that he took from James Harrison. When this hit took place, many thought that it was not that bad, but since then, Colt McCoy was never the same again. In his career with the team, he scored with 21 touchdowns and 20 picks. This was not the best stats that a QB would like to see, but nonetheless, it is what he will be known for.

Jake Delhomme
This was a very fast turn for Jake in Cleveland. Unfortunately by the time that he managed to get to the Browns, he was damaged goods and was very much ineffective. Four starts is all he managed to get and in that time and scored two touchdowns and four interceptions. It did not take long for the coach to send him on his way.

Senaca Wallace
He was better known for his receiving stats but when he managed to actually pass the ball, he was about as average as you would expect him to be. He managed to score six touchdowns and four interceptions.

Brandon Weeden
23 touchdowns and 26 interceptions are the stats that Weeden will be known for during his time with the Browns. He was not the best quarterback that came through Cleveland, but he would go down as the oldest QB. No doubt that he had more luck than he did skill.

Thad Lewis
Lewis had one of the fastest times with the Browns as he only stuck around for one game and scored one touchdown and one interception. This was one of the fastest stops that a QB has had with the Browns.

Jason Campbell
Campbell did well as a backup QB. That was a big disappointment to the fans of the Browns as they really had hoped that Campbell would rise up to be more than a simple backup. In his time as a backup, he managed to throw 11 touchdowns and only managed to get picked off 8 times. In his eight starts, he had a passer rating of 77%

Brian Hoyer
This is one of those players that a lot of people wanted to either see on the field or wanted to see him sitting while “Johnny Football” take the field. Nonetheless he still was the starter for all of 2014 and managed to score 17 touchdowns as well as 16 interceptions.

Johnny Maziel
This is one of the biggest names that ever came through the Cleveland area. That was as good as the news got as his starts did not lead to any passing touchdowns and only one rushing touchdown. He also managed to get a total of a 42 passer rating, one of the lowest a QB for Cleveland has ever had.

Connor Shaw
This is the most recent hope that the Browns has put their faith into. The results so far have not been as good as the team had hoped that they would be.

These are some of the latest names that have worked hard to make the Browns a good team in the NFL. The bad news is that these players can only do so much. Maybe one day a player will arrive that will be able to boost the Browns into a run at being a viable football team.

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